The mission statement of Junior Achievement is “Empowering young people to own their own economic success.”.  Wow!  I’ve built my professional career in trying to help investors become successful.  How exciting to have the opportunity to help our community’s children begin to think about navigating that same path! 

I have recently begun teaching Junior Achievement or JA at Paul Norton Elementary in Bettendorf, Iowa.  I am teaching a 4th grade class and that curriculum teaches students about entrepreneurism and the value and jobs entrepreneurs bring to economies in our region and throughout the world.  As one of my 4th graders would say, “how cool!,” to be able to proclaim to Mrs. Stevenson’s class that I’m an entrepreneur and job creator! 

The children are an absolute delight!  Bright and engaging, they clamor to raise their hands to participate and share their dreams about the jobs they will someday hold and the exciting potential of the things they will create. 

Ask a child in your life today what they want to be when they grow up and, with them, embrace the mind-blowing possibilities!