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What does it mean to be an Investment Advisor Representative?

Huiskamp Collins Investments, LLC, and its representatives, provide analysis and advice about investments for a fee. The firm is registered with state and federal agencies, and is subject to filings, disclosures and audits. As a potential client, Huiskamp Collins Investments will provide you with an Adviser’s Brochure, which provides details of our responsibilities to you and other business interests we may hold.

Who owns Huiskamp Collins Investments, LLC?

The firm is wholly-owned by Heidi Huiskamp Collins. Heidi partners with a privately-held broker/dealer, J.W. Cole Financial, Inc. of Tampa, Florida. All investment purchases and trades are made through this firm. Representing a national network of independent advisors, J.W. Cole offers Heidi access to tools and products of larger firms, but the independence to personalize services that fit your needs and investment goals.

Why should I choose an Independent Advisor?

Heidi Huiskamp Collins is the sole owner of this firm and works with clients directly. She invests the time to understand your personal situation, investment goals and offers solutions tailored to meet your needs. The financial products Heidi offers are not company-owned or proprietary. She has no added financial interest in which product she may recommend for your individual situation, and she is required to work for your best interests.

Does Huiskamp Collins Investments have a “typical” customer? Do they serve only women?

Heidi believes everyone, no matter the size of their accounts, deserve great financial advice. She counts men and women of all stages in life, married couples and small business owners among her clients. As a woman in the still male- dominated arena of finance, though, Heidi feels especially called to serve women and recognizes the different needs and goals of female investors who are, actuarially-speaking, likely to outlive their male spouses or partners.

Heidi is a mother, wife, small business owner, and friend. She has been a divorcee and single mom. Heidi understands YOUR challenges and fears, knows men and women think about money differently and will personalize your financial plan

Why aren’t there any testimonials on the site?

Financial advisors and what they are allowed to publish is highly-regulated. The fear is that a potential client will read a review and believe that past results can guarantee future performance. In fact, if a satisfied client posts a positive review on one of Heidi’s social media sites, it is mandatory that Heidi remove that review.

Even so, Heidi has 40 years of investment experience, a deep financial educational background and the passion to do what’s best for you and those that you love. She is proud of the work she has done with her clients..

Does Heidi advise as a “fiduciary”? What does that mean exactly?

Heidi advises all her customers in the capacity of a fiduciary. That means she puts the interests of her clients first before her own. You can sleep well knowing that Heidi is looking out for what’s best for you!

How do I know if Huiskamp Collins Investments is a good fit for me?

Is your plan and investing strategy current for your life’s situation? Whether it’s a new child or grandchild, a job change, moving closer to retirement, or caring for an elderly parent – we know life changes.

This may be a good time to evaluate your financial plan and consider whether your current advisor is in tune with your needs. Heidi offers a fresh, common-sense approach to planning that allows for life’s realities, and your hopes and dreams.

Will my assets be protected?

J.W. Cole and its clearing partner National Financial Services LLC (NFS)—a Fidelity Investments® company, are members of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Learn more about what this means.

How am I charged for the services of Huiskamp Collins Investments?

In most of her customized planning, Heidi charges a very market-competitive management fee for total Assets Under Management (AUM).


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