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Financial Planning

It’s Never Too Early or Late to Start Saving for the Future

Having a plan in place makes all the difference! At Huiskamp Collins Investments, LLC, we spend time asking all the questions on how YOU want your retirement to look. A second home, travel, funding college for grandchildren, a daily round of golf, we know the questions to ask and have the expertise and tools to help you ensure your dreams happen.

Worried about the big “what-ifs” like sizable, unexpected medical costs or poor investment returns? You need a Quad-Cities financial advisor like Heidi Huiskamp Collins who uses powerful interactive planning software to help calculate risks and put together a plan that helps you sleep at night. Heidi considers her clients her family and won’t rest until your custom-made plan suits your risk tolerance and meets your most important goals. Call us today!

Legacy Planning

We Care About Your Heirs and Philanthropic Wishes Too

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You’ve worked hard your whole life and are now entering the “distribution phase” where legacy planning is front and center in your mind. Family businesses where some relatives are active in the business and some aren’t, farm operations, blended families: your family is like no other and deserves a professional Quad-Cities financial advisor who is experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Heidi is not an attorney or an accountant, but she can work for you alongside your lawyer and tax professional to help ensure that your final distribution wishes are carried out in the manner you choose and in the most tax-advantaged way. We’re here for you!

Education Planning

Saving For Your Child’s Education? We Can Help

Children born today could face extreme “sticker shock” when they try to fund a higher education degree or a trade school certificate in 18 years. Financial aid, scholarships, 529 Plans, loans, the FAFSA…it’s all a jumble and what’s a parent to do? Heidi Huiskamp Collins, your Quad-Cities financial planner and educational planning specialist, takes a “common sense” approach and has the expertise, professional credentials and all the planning tools to help your family successfully “launch” your favorite student.

In 2021, Heidi earned the certification of Certified College Planning Specialist and opened Huiskamp Collins Educational Planning, LLC to cater to high school and college families looking for answers on how to fund higher education without breaking the bank or derailing your retirement plans. We know the best and most tax-advantaged strategies and combinations of strategies to help you navigate the college saving journey, de-mystify the forms and necessary processes and find the best school for your student and your financial circumstances. Starting early and having a plan in place that fits your family is key. Let us help!

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