In these turbulent and uncertain times as we grapple locally, nationally and internationally with the COVID-19 threat, I want to send out my best wishes to all in our community, especially our small business friends. As a result on social distancing practices, increased working from home, both our governors’ state of emergency plans to limit congregations of people in certain businesses and a general “hunkering down” mentality, the small businesses that represent the lifeblood of many of our citizens has been drastically affected. These represent the heart, soul, and livelihoods of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. As Quad Citizens, our mission is to lift up and promote local business in the communities that we all love. Can’t you please make an effort, each in our own way, to support one another?

There are many ways we can each help. Please access your favorite merchant’s online website and continue to shop for goods or order gift cards that you can use later. Order food for takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurant. Please keep paying for your memberships and subscriptions. Take to social media and write favorable ratings for local businesses. For every ugly story in the media about hoarding or ill behavior, there are wonderful folks out there responding to the crisis with generosity and compassion.

I read a story yesterday about a gentleman who patronized a local coffee shop every day to satisfy his espresso habit. On Monday, he left a $ 2,500.00 tip in the “tip jar” and told the barista to be sure to split the amount among all the workers as they were facing uncertainty about their hours being cut. What a beautiful gesture! Not many of us can show generosity to that degree, but we can look out for each other in small ways and band together.

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes,
Heidi Huiskamp Collins
Huiskamp Collins Investments, LLC