I am so blessed, so giving back to my community is very important to me.  My passion is children–especially at-risk children.  I’ve been mentoring at-risk children in the Quad-Cities for the past 15 years through Big Brothers/Big Sisters. 

For the last two years, my “Little” has been Myiah, a beautiful, curious, joyful little girl who is now 8 years old.  Myiah has 10 siblings and her mom is expecting again. 

I eat lunch with Myiah every Thursday and then she comes to my house either on Saturday or Sunday to cook, bake, do crafts, go to the park, play with our dog and go out for ice cream!  She loves science, so I bought a chemistry set and we blow things up! 

Myiah wants to grow up to become a teacher and help little children learn to read.  I am so lucky to have her in my life!